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Re: Repro- / Homebrewtråden (Saturn & DC)

Postat: 08 okt 2015, 17:40
av Janone ... t-299.html" onclick=";return false;

Ett dc spel till. :)

Re: Repro- / Homebrewtråden (Saturn & DC)

Postat: 08 okt 2015, 18:36
av NGF
Grym musik [thumbup]

Re: Repro- / Homebrewtråden (Saturn & DC)

Postat: 12 jan 2016, 11:10
av glowsole
Någon här som bidrog till Kickstarten Saber Rider? Kommer till Dreamcast och PC Engine bland annat. Verkar bli en bra 2D run n gun" onclick=";return false;

EDIT: Oj, var visst diskuterat redan.

Re: Repro- / Homebrewtråden (Saturn & DC)

Postat: 12 jan 2016, 21:17
av AlmostOriginal
Nej, men det ser bra ut. :)

Re: Repro- / Homebrewtråden (Saturn & DC)

Postat: 12 jan 2016, 21:51
av Janone" onclick=";return false;

Just mere weeks into the new year and yet another slice of previously unseen retro gaming history has been served. Fans of the Sega Saturn will be pleased to know that the 3D puzzle game Ferox has finally surfaced, with a playable version of the game leaking online for download.

Ferox was originally in development by Hookstone - a shortlived developer based in the United Kingdom whose most famous release at the time was Zoop. In 1997 the team began work on an all new title for the Sega Saturn, one which combined elements of Blockout, Tetris, Zoop, and just about every other puzzle title you can imagine. In a trippy three-dimensional environment, the game tasked you with rolling cubes around the inside of a box to merge them with other matching cubes.

Cliff Davies, a programmer who previously worked at Hookstone, revealed that the game had reached a point in development where a fully playable demo was ready to show to publishers. Unfortunately for the team at Hookstone, soon after their work was demoed the company folded and Ferox remained an unreleased title lost to the gaming void. As of today though, Mr Saturn from the fansite has released this playable demo of Ferox as part of their Lost Games Recovery Program (something which has seen some incredible releases over the last few years).

Those interested in trying out Ferox can download the game’s ISO from You’ll need either a Sega Saturn emulator, mod-chipped console, or swap disc method at the ready to play the game though.

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Re: Repro- / Homebrewtråden (Saturn & DC)

Postat: 13 jan 2016, 17:38
av glowsole
Ghost Blade till DC var något av en besvikelse. Vet inte om det bara är min som laggar så förbannat.